Private Office Calgary

Get a Prestigious Private Office with amazing views of Calgary.

Get a Private Office in Downtown Calgary

Private rooms are the dedicated rooms that are specifically designed keeping in mind the private teams that want to have a personal space with the benefits of co-working. You get a room to yourself with several seating options (2-Seater, 3-Seater, 4-Seater, 6-Seater, 10-Seater, and bigger options). For longer commitments, we also provide the options for basic infrastructural changes if necessary. Amenities include internet access, lockable drawers, free tea/coffee, meeting rooms, and lounge access, and other community benefits, access to a gym and showers on site. Reach out for more information on private offices.

Great for small, medium and Big Teams

Whats included?

  •  24/7 Access
  •  Printing and Scanning Services
  •  Lounge, Gym Access
  •  Private office/space
  •  Fast and stable wifi
  •  Tea and Coffee
  •  Ergonomic Chair
  •  VOIP/Telecommunication services available
  •  Registered business address
  •  Community benefits
  •  Mailing address
  •  Storage Cabinet
  •  Two kitchens on site
  •  Showers on site
  •  Startup Advisors on site (to help with new business advice)
  •  Website Development/Hosting/Support (Available)
  •  Access to SEO Professional Advisors
  •  Access to IT Professional Advisors 
  •  Laptop/Computer Repairs availble on site.
  •  Access to a Network of Capital Advisors.
  •  E-commerce/Payment Processing Solutions

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Virtual Office in Calgary

    “A PRIVATE Office at our prestigious location with amazing views of Calgary, Alberta will give you POWER, SUCCESS, and CREDITIBILITY!”